Gts Glass Technical Systems

Responsive web design and branding. HTML5, Bootstrap & Less


Padel Manager

Padelmanager is probably the most complete project I've worked on. As head of design I undertook the development of front-end web with Bootstrap fully responsive and Sass. Also to the creation of the logo and App mobile. Android and iOS.


IPIN Global
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These designs are part of a series of tests I did for the IPIN Global company. I show these two below are an E-Book (PDF) and a landing page.


Various designs of websites

Over the years I have worked as a web designer I have designed more than 100 web pages. Obviously I just want to show the most recent, or the most relevant.


Distribuciones El Cid

Logo design, product catalog and business cards.


Brand design and logos

The logo design is something I really like to spend more time. Honestly it is not this exactly my specialty, I still think I have some jobs that were not bad.


Dos Lunas Bar

Dos Lunas Bar was a complete project commissioned me to a business in Malaga. I take care of all work-related advertising, design flyers cards, menus of drinks and cocktails. I also realized the design of the interior and exterior of the premises.


Barceló Estepona Thalasso

This time I had the opportunity to make a proposal for a special design of the hotel restaurant menus Barceló Estepona Thalasso. I tried to make a sleek design not loaded. With only three colors.


Magazine Covers
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As I said before Ragap is one of the projects that I have worked more years. Since the company we edited our own magazine, of which I was responsible for all of the covers.

One of the covers had quite an impact at the national level. Especially in the news and on television, such as the cover in which the King of Spain Felipe VI appears. Being the first time the king appeared in a magazine LGTB.