Hobbiespot is the project in which I am currently working. My job is to replicate the design of the App on the web using HTML5, CSS, Sass & Javascript using the Bootstrap 4 framework


Restaurante Savor

This work is done on a Bootstrap template and using Less as a css processor.



Responsive web & mobile design. HTML5, Bootstrap & Less


Gts Glass Technical Systems

Responsive web design and branding. HTML5, Bootstrap & Less


Padel Manager

Padelmanager is probably the most complete project I've worked on. As head of design I undertook the development of front-end web with Bootstrap fully responsive and Sass. Also to the creation of the logo and App mobile. Android and iOS.


IPIN Global
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These designs are part of a series of tests I did for the IPIN Global company. I show these two below are an E-Book (PDF) and a landing page.


Google Slides Presentation

15 different designs for a Google Slide presentation. A design with an urban style in which the yellow and gray predominate. A combination of colors that I personally love.


Various designs of websites

Over the years I have worked as a web designer I have designed more than 100 web pages. Obviously I just want to show the most recent, or the most relevant.


Pinturas Pedro Guerra

For this work use WordPress as content manager. A simple design for a website company where what is important is to show the client work and services.